DIY — design it yourself

We’ve all been there… Scouting boutiques, department stores and even thrift shops for that “perfect” piece of clothing, only to come up empty handed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could design your own and save the hassle? Done! Check out these websites and start designing your own gowns, shoes, and kids’ clothes today.

1. Converse

Create your own All-Star shoes. High-top, low-top, multiple uppers, multiple tongues, patterns… They’ve got something to please the rebel in all of us. Creation time: 2-3 weeks.

2. Shoes of Prey

Heels, sandals and boots, oh my! Customize an existing design or create your own from scratch. Variety of leathers and other textures, lace overlays, decorative add-ons and more! Creation time: 4 weeks.

3. Coco Myles

It’s a formal affair! Custom-create your own formal dresses. Great for bridesmaids or a perfectly unique prom! Creation time: 5 weeks.

4. Fashion Playtes

Know a little girl? At Fashion Playtes, girls can start with a blank shirt or dress, then add color, trim and embellishments. Imagine the look on that special girl’s face when she wears a shirt she designed! Creation time: 2 weeks.


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