When it comes to makeup… less is more!

One of the biggest makeup mistakes teenagers make is simply wearing too much of it. Too much foundation, too much blush, too much eye shadow, too much foundation… The key to beauty is: Less is more!


Teens are blessed with young, healthy, glowing skin, so there is no reason to cover it up with foundation! If you want to cover pimples or blemishes, do so with a spot concealer. If oily skin is a problem, simply apply a little powder to make your face matte. Otherwise, spare the expense of foundation until you are older and have more to hide!


This is often one of the first makeup items that young girls will experiement with, often very heavily! A little blush on your cheeks will add just enough of a rosy glow. Choose the best color for your skin tone. If you aren’t sure what color is best for you, ask a beauty professional, or choose a natural peach shade, which works well with all skin tones.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow isn’t necessary on a daily basis; you may want to save it for special occassions. If you do wear it, avoid dark or unnatural colors like green or purple and again, less is more! Eye shadow is only meant to accentuate the eyes – not overpower them!


Mascara is another item to use with caution. When applied too thick, it looks clumpy and often smears, giving a raccoon effect. Choose a color that complements your skin and hair color. Many girls often opt for black, but if you have blond or light hair, use a brown mascara for the best results.

Lip color

Gloss is the best bet for teens – leave the darker shades for the older crowd! Choose a gloss that’s similar to your natural lip color and strive to enhance your natural lips, not create a fake look.

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