A fish story

Reanie Mrnak, Windmill Ponds resident and fisherwoman stands with Let's Go Fishing representatives.

Pictured are Let’s Go Fishing representatives Joe Holm, Sally Baumann, Jim Schoeberl and Ron Fenelon with Windmilll Ponds resident and fisherwoman Reanie Mrnak. Contributed photo.

During her first 85 years of life, Reanie Mrnak of Windmill Ponds in Alexandria had never been on a lake, never been in a pontoon or boat and certainly did not know how to use a fishing rod.

But on July 13, she checked all those things off her “to do” list when she went fishing on the Let’s Go Fishing pontoon.

She noted that the “pontoon guys” (the Let’s Go Fishing volunteers) were there to help people get on the pontoon, hand out rods and reels and even bait their hooks.

What happened next, to Mrnak’s surprise, was another first. As she watched her bobber, she noticed that it started to go down.

Reanie Mrnak with her 5 lb. bass

Reanie Mrnak of Windmill Ponds in Alexandria caught this 5-pound bass during a Let’s Go Fishing excursion in July.

“I cranked the rod and reel, and to my surprise, I hooked a 5-pound bass!” she said, beaming with pride.

Windmill Ponds, a Vista Prairie Senior Living Community, recently hosted the annual Let’s Go Fishing Volunteer Banquet. Nearly 100 people attended to celebrate the program, which not only enriches people’s lives but brings “firsts” and memories for many.

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