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October is Dental Hygiene Month!

Your dentist can provide a list of foods to steer clear of if you’re looking to avoid cavities, staining, and enamel loss. But did you know there are certain foods you can eat that will actually help keep your mouth healthy?

Nutritionist Karen Krchma and Dr. Shawn Frawley, along with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) have developed recipes incorporating foods that benefit oral health in a free “Recipes for a Healthier Smile” e-booklet. Use these food tips and try a delicious recipe from these experts to ensure you receive a healthy report during your next trip to the dentist.

For healthy gums

  • Wild salmon – Omega 3 reduces inflammation
  • Basil – Natural antibiotic, reduces mouth bacteria

To prevent enamel loss

  • Quinoa – Calcium-rich, good for bones and teeth
  • Onions – Sulfur compounds may kill streptococcus bacteria that can cause tooth decay
  • Broccoli – Iron may create a protective barrier, shielding teeth from acidic foods and drinks

For white teeth

  • Pineapple and vitamin C-rich foods – Act as natural “whiteners”

To avoid cavities and plaque

  • Shiitake mushrooms – Prevent oral bacteria from creating dental plaque
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