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Goalz & Gratitude

Goalz & Gratitude

By Peter Pfeffer

Peter Pfeffer

Peter Pfeffer, doctor of chiropractic with HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab in Alexandria and a leadership coach for HealthSource Corporate.

We are in the season of goodwill. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. Regardless of cultural traditions, this time of year seems to pull on our hearts. There is a spirit of excitement and anticipation for what’s coming.

What will the New Year bring? Without a plan the year will certainly unfold, but what if we put the same thought and preparation into the new year as our last vacation? While some save goal setting and planning for New Year’s resolutions, there is sense in starting now. Maxwell Maltz, MD, found it took 90 days to get our minds around our goals and intentions and “cook” them to the point we could achieve them. That means October 1 was the best time to set next year’s goals, but the second best time is now!

Goal setting can be a big project, but if chunked into five simple steps the job becomes easy.

Ideas. We all have ideas. Make a list.

Goals. The good ideas, worthy of pursuit, are prioritized.

Planning. Create a plan with steps and a timeline outlining a path toward completion.

Action. Act on your plan, putting the wheels of success in motion!

Results. If you reached your intended outcome, move on to your next goal! If you did not, cycle back through the steps asking: Was the goal reasonable? Were the steps specific? Was there enough action?

A useful way to categorize your goals is with the 6 P’s.

Purpose: How and why this goal defines us.

Personal: These affect our personal life, like weight loss or books to read.

People: What relationships will we grow and develop?

Professional: What changes or advances do we want in our career?

Prosperity: How much will we make? Save? Give?

Play: What toys, what trips and what experiences will you have?

Make a list! Put your goals into the categories, and pick your top three goals in each category. This builds concentration and focus. Now take action and enjoy the results.

Peter Pfeffer is a doctor of chiropractic with HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab in Alexandria and a leadership coach for HealthSource Corporate.

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