10 Uses for… Pine Boughs

By Karen Jennissen

  1. Create festive yard ornaments. Weave into a wagon wheel, attach to an old sled, place in planters, weave onto a porch railing. Add crab apples and birch pieces for color.
  2. Make ice luminaries. Take a plastic container (any size) and place a smaller plastic container inside, filled with rocks to hold it down. Place pine boughs and crab apples in the space around the inside perimeter of the larger container, fill with water and freeze. Remove inside container (run hot water in it to loosen). Place a candle in the center and voila! It’s a great way to light up a walkway.
  3. Attach to name tags or use as bows to adorn holiday gifts and packages.
  4. Make use of those baskets! Add pine boughs, pinecones, ornaments or lights for fun displays.
  5. Tie onto plain candles with decorative ribbon to add creativity and color to a holiday display.
  6. Create a table centerpiece. Add a decorative tray or bowl, candles and pine cones. Use a mirror as your base. The reflection adds a great dimension!
  7. Add to common things in your home, such as crocks or an old coffee pot, along with berries, pine cones or twigs for a great focal display.
  8. Add to place cards to adorn your holiday table.
  9. Weave together and use as napkin rings.
  10. Fill clear holiday ornaments with pine sprigs. Add crystals and red berries for more color.
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