Gift ideas for the hard to buy for

By Karla Mikkelson

One of the most thoughtful gifts I ever received was my grandmother’s chocolate pot. My parents gifted it to me when I was in my 20s, and I often think of how many years it sat buried in a dusty closet in her basement. I enjoy having it. I hope someday to give my daughters something so thoughtful.

Recently, I learned my friend’s sister loves fruit flavored tootsie rolls. For Christmas, her family purchased a simple tall clear glass vase, which had multiple re-use purposes, sorted the colorful wrapped candies and swirled them by color, filling the vase. It was unique, thoughtful, useful, colorful and enjoyed.

It’s the thought that matters the most!

Have a granddaughter or daughter who’s hard to buy for? Has she been admiring some of the family heirlooms? Why not wrap one up and watch her heart melt this Christmas instead of leaving it to her in your will?

Have a friend who’s so busy she can barely think? Help her out with a practical gift, like a bag or box filled with note cards, envelopes and stamps for every occasion. She’ll appreciate it all year long, and each time she saves a trip to the store, she’ll love you all the more!

Don’t forget the basic pleasures in life. Is someone on your list nuts about gourmet jelly beans? Addicted to Cheetos? Fill a lidded decorative jar or canister (for unwrapped treats) or a clear glass vase (for wrapped treats) with their favorites. Layer by color for added effect.


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