Create a tradition

By Jessica Sly

Every year for nearly the past 10 years, my family gets together with another family, some of our best friends, for a New Year’s celebration.

Goodies are always the norm, things such as jalapeño jam poured over cream cheese for a dip and sparkling cider served in wine glasses. My sister and her friend even have a tradition of chugging orange juice.

Anything can become a tradition, even the silliest things. Why not try something new this year at Christmas or New Year’s Eve?

You might say, “We’ve never done that before,” or “It can’t be a tradition unless you’ve done it for a long time.” Well, all traditions have to start somewhere. Once you start, you just have to stick with it!

Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions, available in a variety of formats including Junior and Pop Culture.

My favorite tradition for the New Year’s holiday is when our families trade gifts. Every year, we get each other a fun family game such Name 5, Whoonu, In a Pickle and Loaded Questions. As we have four members in each family, the eight player maximum is perfect for us to play the night away with laughs and inside jokes before watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Make a new tradition this year. Bake cookies with your best friend. Play an annual game of dominoes. Decorate a gingerbread house with the kids.

It can be anything. Make it yours!

In a Pickle

In a Pickle, a silly word association game

“Loaded Questions” is a favorite because there are no right or wrong answers. Players answer the questions as serious or silly as they wish, and other players try to figure out who said what. It’s perfect for ages 8 to 80 and everyone is sure to get to know each other better!

“In a Pickle” is a fast-paced game for all ages in which players try to place objects (named on their cards) within other objects. Get ready to get silly. You may end up with a mouse in a kettle in a toilet in Hawaii in a blizzard!

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