Holiday party planning tips

Holiday parties are a tradition for many families and friends across the country. Follow these simple tips for less stress at your party!

The timing of the holiday party is a key factor in how successful it will be. Since most parties are in the month of December, it’s best to aim for earlier in the month. By the end of December, guests might be too exhausted to have a good time or may have already planned their holiday vacations and be unable to make it. The closer the party is to Christmas and the end of the year, the less likely it is that all invitees will be able to attend.

Finances should also dictate certain aspects of the holiday party. Be sure to go over a budget with your family so everyone is in agreement as to what amount will be devoted to food, favors, entertainment, etc.

Location is another key consideration for party planners. No one wants to travel far and wide for a party, so it helps to choose a locale that is centrally located and convenient for everyone.

Safety is a genuine concern at holiday parties. Much of that concern can be traced to alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, some guests may overindulge with alcohol at holiday parties. With stress a concern for many during the holiday season, alcohol consumption is incorrectly viewed as a means to relieving that stress.

If alcohol is served at your party, arrange for complimentary transportation for anyone who might overindulge.

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