Quick & easy gift wrapping

By Melissa Walerius

Out of gift wrap? No problem! Try any of these fun ideas for a uniquely wrapped gift!

Decoupage. Cover plain boxes fabulously! Use magazine clippings that fit the interests of the recipient, find fabric that suits them, or use a collection of photographs! Simply apply decoupage to your box, apply the clippings, fabric or photos, then apply another thin layer of decoupage over the top. Now you’re giving a gift within a gift – a keepsake box! This can be a fun project for kids.

Paper lunch bags. Whether they’re white or brown, stamp them up to create a beautiful bag. Create a pattern covering the whole bag or just add an accent stamp or sticker. Add handles of rope or ribbon if you wish. This is also a great option for children – let them color or decorate a bag any way they want.

Newsprint. Use the section that best represents the gift! Sports section for Dad, the help wanted section for your brother or the style section for your sister. Finish it off with some colored ribbon or a bright bow!

Pails and baskets. Create a themed gift and stick it in a pail or basket. You can set the mood of the gift you’re giving by the way it’s presented, whether it’s a winter warm up basket or a winter vacation getaway package. You can cover the entire basket with cellophane if you wish, and finish it off with a festive ribbon.

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