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I Do It For Them

I Do It For Them

By Elaine Munn

Elaine Munn

Elaine Munn says “I do it for them.”

Most women I know are so unselfish. They are always thinking of others – spouses, children, neighbors, employers, co-workers. Not me. I am pretty selfish when it comes to my health, always thinking about me and ways I can get to the gym, out for a bike ride or a run. But I have my reasons.

I don’t trust my husband to pick out the nursing home. It’s doubtful that he and I will leave this earth at exactly the same time, so if one of us is left to pick out the nursing home, it should be me. Sounds selfish, but on the other hand, if I really do love him wouldn’t I want to do everything in my power to make sure I am here for him?

My daughters-in-law will need someone to talk to who understands. Or someone to blame for my sons’ bad habits! I will need to be here to defend myself! I have three sons, a grandson and a granddaughter. She may need some inspiration when she is feeling insecure about her own looks. I want her to know that her body was made for activity not just to be seen. The down side – if she is flat-chested, she’ll know where she got that from.

The 90-year-old who got his first hole-in-one. That made my day. Maybe I haven’t gotten a hole-in-one yet because I need 30 more years of practice. If that’s possible, maybe I can beat my 5:03 marathon time also. In other words, if I live to be 90, I want to still be active and enjoy it.

I’m not ready to give up ice-cream, chocolate or beer. Even if my beer is only 64 calories, it takes walking a mile to burn off the calories in two beers. One-half cup of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice-cream is 270 calories. I need to run almost 30 minutes to burn that off. If I was a vegetarian – not that I don’t like vegetables, I like all food – operating the TV remote would probably be enough to balance my caloric burn with my calorie consumption.

Doctors are doing well enough without my help. I know the unhealthier I am, the more of a financial boon I am to the medical industry, but I’d rather spend my money on fun things. So even if the gym membership seems like an expense, I try to think of it as an investment in my health that in the long run will save me money on blood pressure and cholesterol medication. Besides, I’d rather the doctors spend their time and energy curing diseases and illnesses that people suffer with through no fault of their own.

Hobbies & Interests

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