Boots Are Hot This Winter

Boots are Hot this Winter

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Boots are definitely a fashion statement this season. They accessorize almost any look, from casual to formal, and increase the versatility of a woman’s wardrobe. Here are a few tips on how to select and wear this adaptable accessory.

Consider your personal style and comfort. Not every trend is appropriate for every woman.

Knee high boots are probably the most versatile and work well with all body types. You can pair them with long or short skirts, dresses, pants and jeans, but remember that a stiletto leather boot with sweatpants might not be the best combination.

Knee high or thigh high boots can help keep you warm and make wearing dresses and skirts during the fall and winter more comfortable.

High-heeled boots can replace pumps, and allowing the hem of a full skirt to fall just over the top of the boot helps refine the look. If you’re wearing a fitted skirt or dress, leave a few inches between the hem and the top of the boot.

If you want to offset a longer length skirt, you could head for the chunky heeled boots; if you want to polish the look of pants, you could lean toward ankle boots that will slip under the hems and not restrict your legs.

A boot that fits your leg is a great look, but don’t select a pair that squeezes your calf.

There shouldn’t be more than about a half inch between your leg and boot unless you’re selecting an equestrian style boot. The straight cut makes them easy to put on or take off, and they work well if you want to tuck your jeans inside. This boot is more casual, but still gives a polished look.

Tall boots, whether just above the knee or thigh high, can be worn with a skirt or dress that just touches the top of the boot. Or pair them with skinny jeans or leggings, then add a long sweater or jacket to finish off the look.

If you lean toward biker boots, you can soften the look with a soft oversized sweater or a basic black knit dress and a black leather jacket.

Whatever your style, there’s a boot that can bring it all together.

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