Customize Your Soap Dispensers

By Nikki Bosse

Customize your soap dispenserEvery bathroom needs soap next to the sink. That’s for hygiene, my dirty little friends, but you already knew that! Since the soap has to be there, why not personalize the experience by making some fun DIY soap dispensers?

I personally have gone through several phas- es of soap dispensers in my bathroom and kitchen. First there was the serious, obsessive, “everything must match” phase.

Then there was the “I don’t care what it looks like as long as it’s cheap” phase, when my kids were little and pouring it down the drain.

As my kids have grown, I’m finally to the point where I can find a happy medium. I want it to look cute and be something they will enjoy using, but still not cost a fortune. Anything that encourages my kiddos to wash their hands more often is a winner in my book.

So why not personalize the hand-washing experience?

Do your kids love Legos? Do you want some- thing sophisticated and pretty? Have some mason jars sitting around?

Here’s what you’ll need:

Clear, empty pump dispensers. Can be glass or plastic, new or recycled (remove labels with soap and water or Goo Gone). Try a mason jar. Drill a hole through the lid and add a pump.

Liquid soap. Any color and scent you want.

Decorative items. Legos, beads, pebbles, small toys, decorative glass pieces, marbles, plastic flowers, or whatever your heart desires. Whatever you choose, it must be hard, insolu- ble, and small enough to go through the open- ing of your container but large enough not to get stuck in the pump. If items are heavy, they will sink to the bottom; if they are light, they’ll float to the top.

Fill the bottle with a small amount of liquid soap, then add a Lego or other decorative item. Keep repeating until bottle is full. Use a skewer to push the items around.

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