Organizing Small Spaces

Towel HolderTowel Holder.
Small spaces call for pared-down bath supplies. Have three fresh towels handy for you and guests. Try
a decorative metal towel holder painted to match your shower curtain, hung within reach of those stepping out of the shower. It’s a fresh use of a tiny space.


Robe Hooks


Robe hooks Your favorite robe or towel needs to stay handy. If it’s
a family bath, choose an over-the door
option that holds four.



Stacked BooksStacked books
Well-loved books shouldn’t be hidden away. No space
for book shelves? Try an over-the-desk shelf with some space-saving attitude.

One in, one out. One family rule you can’t ignore is to get rid of one clothing item each time you acquire a new one. Period.Hangers


Matching hangers. Mismatched, flimsy hangers are a waste of time and space. Instead, try a sturdy, matching set of non-slip velvety hangers.


In BasketIn-baskets Besides a general in-basket for the adults to collect mail and things to later file, each child in the family should have his or her own in-basket near the door, labeled by name or color. This allows you and your children to easily file the daily school homework, church handouts, permission slips, and more all in one easy-to-find location.


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