Shop Smart

By Jessica Sly

Shop SmartAre you in need of some new outfits but are restrained by a strict budget?
Too intimidated by all those racks of clothes to even attempt browsing?
Good news! There are plenty of ways to shop smart for clothes, find what you’re looking for and stay within your budget. All it takes is just a little prep work.

Take inventory. Make a list of everything you already own so you don’t have to guess in the store or end up buying doubles.

Plan ahead. Decide which outfits you need to complete and what items are “essential” to your wardrobe, and shop with that in mind. If you need to find a blouse to match a skirt, bring the skirt along so you can try them on together or more easily match them.

Always mix ‘n’ match. You can save a lot of money by purchasing items that are adaptable. Can you wear that new skirt multiple ways or with two or three items you already own?

Quick tip: Solid colors are easier to mix ‘n’ match than prints with designs or embellishments.

Try on everything. Clothes sizes vary from brand to brand. Never assume something’s going to fit. Save time and money by making sure it’s a good fit and comfortable before you buy it.

Trust your instinct. If you loved it on the rack but aren’t quite so thrilled with it on, and are thinking “should I or shouldn’t I,” you probably shouldn’t.

Make a wish list. See something you love but it would put you way over the budget? Write it down or take a picture, then save for it or work it into your next clothes shopping budget.

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