50s Fashion Sense

By Lori Mork

Fifties Fashion SenseAh, spring. Sunshine and the approach of warm weather has many of us looking forward to shedding winter wardrobes in favor of light-weight, summery fabrics.

But for women in our 50s, spring brings the daunting task of finding clothing that flatters, yet doesn’t scream our age.

Here are a few tips gleaned from several fashion writers for the upcoming spring season, or for any time of year!

Buy clothes that fit. Steer clear of baggy or tight. Tailored clothing is the most flattering. Know what to accent and what to camouflage and don’t follow trends. Wear what looks good and fits your lifestyle.

Sleeveless or three-quarter? If your arms are fit and toned, sleeveless is in. If not, three-quarter sleeves are the way to go. Despite what designers are showing, puffy sleeves and shoulders don’t cut it.

Scrutinize your neck area. Unless it’s smooth and wrinkle free, avoid over exposure. This is a tricky area.

Mix and match. Feel free to mix prints, but match by color tone. Stay away from tiny floral prints or details like gold buttons or trim.

Watch the length. Skirt/dress hemlines should fall at the knee or below. Wear a belt at the waist to give the body definition and give clothes a contemporary look.

The right handbag. An oversized clutch is a contemporary option to the shoulder bag, and can be paired with jeans and a T-shirt, slacks and a dressy top, or a dress. Bags that fit under the armpit are flattering if not too big or too small. Don’t match your shoes and handbag!

Neutral is nice! A universally flattering color is camel, a neutral that mixes well with black, brown, ivory, leopard and red. You can’t go wrong with black and/or white, especially when mixing textures like leather, crocodile or patent leather.

Don’t overdo accessories. Focus on one standout piece at a time, and don’t be afraid to use trendy pieces.

Jeans. Denim is timeless, as long as the fit is flattering. Dark wash or true blue is slimming. Boot-cut with a slight flair balances the body with the hip and is slimming.
The narrower the jean leg opening, the more delicate the shoe. NEVER wear tennis shoes with jeans!

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