Top Ten Wardrobe Musts

By Karla Mikkelson and Shelly Beaulieu

Dark Wash Jeans

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  1. The perfect fitting bra. We don’t care what the tag reads. If you’re spilling out the top or the back, it’s time to re-measure.
  2. Dark-wash straight leg jeans. There’s nothing more flattering than a pair of jeans with a very dark wash and a little bit of stretch to hug your curves and maximize the length of your legs.
  3. A crisp white blouse. Whether your choice is ruffled or plain, make sure it’s stain-free and ready to go at any moment. That short-notice job interview, date night or an important meeting all deserve this timeless classic.
  4. A slimming, fitted cardigan. Our choice? A simple cotton fabric that’s not too bulky. No one wants to add more bulk. Try it with a very narrow or very wide belt for a simple but up-to-date look.
  5. Jacket. Remember the blazer? Today’s jacket is a bit more tailored. If you choose long or three-quarter length sleeves, your investment in this classic will go a long way. It should be versatile enough to pair with jeans, dress pants or a skirt of your choosing.
  6. Sandals. Every woman deserves some fresh summer sandals with sparkle. Try a metallic silver or bronze shade. Never be afraid to mix your coppers or bronzes with silver jewelry!
  7. A fashion scarf. Make it colorful and fun. When you put it on, it should make you smile! This great low-cost accessory can be paired with a sundress in the summer and layered with a sweater and jacket in the winter. You’ll get lots of mileage out of one great scarf.
  8. Party dress. How do you know if it’s the one? Can you add a sweet ruffled sweater for your holiday party? Can you add a scarf and wear it to a summer dinner overlooking the lake? Can you add a jacket and wear it to your next job interview? That’s how you’ll know.
  9. Fitted top. The area just below your bustline is your narrowest part. If you’re trying to disguise some extra pounds, don’t forget that a great V-neck and a fitted torso go a long way.
  10. Hoop earrings. From hammered silver to classic copper, a great pair of hoop earrings will never go out of style. Going on vacation? They match everything, and look great with everything from swimwear to dinner dress.
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