Let it go!

By Tara Bitzan

It’s time to toss that old makeup

Toss that old makeupHere’s another thing to add to your spring cleaning list – your makeup!
It’s easy to forget how long you’ve had a tube of mascara, or when you last replaced your lipstick. But outdated makeup could cause your skin to break out or a nasty eye infection. Even if you’ve never had problems in the past and have used makeup years past its prime, be wary.

Care tips to get the best from your makeup:

  • Use clean brushes/sponges to lengthen cosmetic life.
  • Some companies print expiration dates on cosmetics. If you don’t see one, when you open a cosmetic for the first time, write the date on it.
  •  Store cosmetics in a cool, dry environment


Mascara/liquid eyeliner: 3 months. The risk of transferring bacteria back and forth from your eye and the tube is great, so 3 months if the longest you should keep it. If the product starts to dry out before 3 months, throw it. Never add liquid to the tube.

Eye pencils:  2 years. Sharpen before each use to ensure a clean tip.

Lipsticks:  2 years. Sharpen lip pencils before each use to ensure a clean tip.

Eye shadows: 
Liquid – 1 year.
Powder – 2 years. If you had an eye infection, throw away all eye makeup and applicators and buy new.

Blushes/powders: Cream blushes – 1 year. Powders – 2 years. If it acquires an odd odor, develops a film, or has an odd colored tint to it, throw it.

Foundations/concealers: Moisturizing foundations/stick concealers – 18 months. Oil-free foundations/liquid concealers – 1 year.

Brushes: Wash every 2 to 3 months in a mild detergent.

Sponges: Wash weekly and replace monthly.

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