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Personalize Your Summer Wardrobe

Personalize Your Summer Wardrobe

By Amanda Herzog

Personalize your summer wardrobeHey, chicas! I was so excited to write this article because it’s about my fav season: SUMMER!

Here are five fast and simple DIY’s to spruce up that wardrobe of yours just in time for the summer.


With this hot number, everyone will want a pair!

• An old pair of plain colored or blue shorts
• Fabric markers
• Rhinestones (optional)
• Fabric scraps big enough for patches (optional)

Decorate the shorts with rhinestones. Attach fabric scraps as patches. Or write on the shorts with fabric marker – favorite quotes, song lyrics or anything you want.
I’m making a One Direction pair!

Tee Tank

Transform an old favorite tee into your favorite tank!


  • An old T-shirt

Lay shirt flat, face-up. Cut sleeves off using the seam as a guide, then cut three thin strips from the removed sleeves. Cut a scoop-neck on front and back of the shirt.

Lay the shirt face down. Gather the shirt’s two shoulder straps together in the back. Wrap a sleeve strip around them and knot it. Wrap and knot the remaining two strips. And there you have it! If you’re a visual learner, type T-shirt tank DIY into Pinterest and it will show you how it’s done!

If you use an adult-size tee, you could turn it into a swimsuit cover-up!
Flip Flops

This one’s a classic, but they’re awesome!


  • Multi-colored water balloons or ribbons
  • Flip flops

Tie unfilled water balloons (or ribbons) to the flip flop straps, alternating round end and open end. Cluster them together so that no parts of the straps show. Double knot them to last longer.

Tie Dye T’s, or… Anything!

This one has been around for a long time, and seems to never go out of style!

  • A plain white or colored T-shirt (or swim suit, etc.)
  • A tie dye kit (available at most craft stores)

Follow the instructions on the tie dye kit to create this DIY. If doing a T-shirt, when you’re done, you could turn it into a Tee Tank!


This is a fast one! Use leftover scraps from your Tee Tank for the fabric.


  • Tee Tank fabric
  • Hot glue gun (be careful not to burn yourself!)

Braid the fabric until it’s long enough to fit around your head or wrist. Glue a rectangular piece of fabric around both ends of the braid to join them. Let dry and rock it with your new wardrobe.

Amanda Herzog is a 7th grade student at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria.

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