Special treats for Dad!

By Jessica Sly

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Now’s the time to start planning.
Low on cash? Fresh out of ideas?
father's dayDon’t worry. We’ve got you covered!
Take one of these ideas or use them as a springboard to create the perfect, unique gift.

Fun Coupons – Create some “coupons” that your mom or dad can redeem at any time of year. Include coupons for a back rub, big hug, car wash, leaf raking, control of the remote control, doing the dishes, hour of silence… use your imagination! Make them on the computer and print them out, or use construction paper, markers or paints to create them.

Modified Mugs – Use a paint marker to write a quote, special message or draw a picture on a plain coffee mug. Letting the mug heat up with your oven, bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes and let cool. Hand wash only!

Personalized Photo – Have someone take a picture of you (and your siblings if you have any). Frame it in a handmade frame or buy one that fits their personalities.

Wacky Hands – Trace your hand and your parent’s hand on black construction paper. Cut them out, glue to white or colored paper and frame.

Their Day Their Way – On their special day, let them make all the decisions on how to spend it. Have them choose the activities, the place to eat out, the movie to watch, etc. All too often parents give in to whatever their kids want. Surprise them by letting them make ALL the decisions for the day.

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