Don’t Forget Hallways When Decorating

By Tara Bitzan

Don't Forget the Hallway decoratingSometimes people spend so much time and attention on decorating the main rooms of their home that they overlook the simple but important spaces – hallways!
Here are a few tips to help you make your hallways a place to slow down and take notice.

Use color to tie rooms together. Walk through your hallway. What do you see ahead of you? What colors are showing? Now head the other direction. What do you see there? Incorporate the colors from the connecting rooms into your hallway to tie everything together. Keep in mind that hallways are small enough to carry off a bold hue without being overwhelming. For a narrow hallway you could consider painting the ceiling another color for a dramatic look.

Accessorize! Treat your hallways like rooms. Don’t stop with just painting the walls. If your hallway is spacious, incorporate a narrow bench adorned with accent pillows or a small accent table with a vase of colorful flowers. Hang artwork to give “the room” a completed look. If long and narrow, consider a colorful runner.

BEWARE! If this is an entry hallway, be careful with accent tables, as they often
become drop sites for mail, keys, gloves and other items you’d rather have out of sight.

A long hallway wall can be a great place for a family photo gallery. Many frames of different sizes in one color can be striking, but it’s also fun to pull out a few family favorites to frame in a different color so they stand out

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