Do you Google?

Today that means more than just surfing the web

By Bridget Braun and Lori Mork

Do you Google? Chances are, if you use the Internet, you’ve used Google for something.
Many people use Google, an Internet search engine, for almost everything they do online each day. It lets you find other sites on the web by using keyword searches. According to, it is the largest and most popular web search engine in the world.
But more recently people have been talking about Google accounts and all that comes with them. For those of you wondering what they are, here’s a glimpse:
Gmail is Google’s free e-mail account. It includes some great services, including Calendar to help you organize your life and Drive for creating and sharing documents and information with others.
Some of its other communication tools include Blogger (to create your own online blog), Groups (an online discussion service), and Hangout (live video chat).
Google also provides you with other services, including the highly popular YouTube, as well as Google+, a new social networking service similar to Facebook. You can find a maps application for your phone to help you get directions and even find your favorite games and music through Google Play.
You may not be interested in some of the services that Google provides, but having a Google account allows you to log in to nearly every major website through your account using the same username and password.
Many Google services save the files you create directly into your Google Drive.  This means they are stored online and you can access them from any computer or Internet-accessible device.
Most of these services are free to use, although a small number of them require a minimal fee. All of them load right into your favorite browser, such as Firefox, Safari, Bing, Yahoo and Internet Explorer.
So log on and browse awhile. Maybe sign up for a free Google account and check out the world of possibilities.

Other Google tools:

Word Processing
Drawing Tool
Photo and Video Editing
Music Creators
Project Management

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