Give gifts extra pizzaz

By Lori Mork

Gift tagsI am a gift wrapping junkie, especially at Christmas! I simply cannot pass up embellishing every single package, but you don’t need to spend big bucks to give your gift some extra pizazz!

Sweet choice. One of my favorite additions to a Christmas package is a candy cane, especially now that they are not limited to red and white. You can find one in any color – perfect for tucking into that bow on top.

Collected memories. When my children were little, one of their gifts included a dated holiday ornament tied on top with the bow. When they finally had homes of their own, they had those ornaments as a start to their own collections.
Lyrical look. Use some old sheet music as wrapping paper for the music lover in your family. Add some lace and/or a music symbol Christmas ornament for a little extra touch.

Why use paper at all? How about a specialty cookbook wrapped in dishtowels? Add some wooden spoons or a colorful rubber scraper to complete your gift.

Reader’s delight. Wrap a book in black and add a bow made out of old menus or newspaper print.

Fun inside and out. Make wrapping paper with a word search on it and incorporate the person’s name. Then just circle the name on the paper. Make your own puzzles online at
Looking good! Instead of a tag with a person’s name written on it, how about a photo of the person receiving the gift?
Subtle and soft. Brown wrapping paper is a great base. Simply wrap the gift in the paper and add lace and ribbon for an antique look. Add rolled roses made from sheer fabric to accent and give a feminine look, or use alphabet stamps to imprint the recipient’s name.

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