Drink tea to keep that cold at bay

 Cup of Mint TeaBy Jessica Sly

Do you have the wintertime sniffles? Is your throat sore? Then make yourself a cup of one of these tasty teas to fend off your cold and boost your body’s defenses!

If you love herbal and earthy, green tea is for you. Its main active ingredients are naturally existing catechins, which are antioxidants that help fight off the common cold. Research has shown they can also help prevent influenza.

It’s unknown how much you should drink to get the full effect of the catechins, but a couple cups a day should keep a cold at bay.
If you happen to feel the influenza coming on, try three to four cups a day to give your immune system an extra lift.

If there’s anything better in terms of fighting a cold than green tea, it might just be white tea.
A study conducted at Pace University in 2004 showed that white tea extract had stronger antibacterial and antiviral properties than green tea.
White teas can range from fruity to vegetal, but the flavor is delicate, like a sweeter, weaker green tea.
With its ferocious ability to destroy pathogenic bacteria and its antifungal properties that help prevent all types of infection, white tea strengthens the entire immune system.

It’s made from a flower belonging to the daisy family, so naturally, its taste swings toward the flowery or fruity.
Two of its superstar components are hippurate, an antibacterial compound, and glycine, a muscle and nerve relaxant. Their properties can ease cold symptoms and other ailments such as inflammation, and they are excellent for digestive health.
As an added bonus, chamomile tea’s muscle and nerve relaxants can help relieve menstrual cramps!

If you prefer more flavor or a sweeter tea, add one of these health-boosting supplements to your brew.
Ginger: Soothes cough/scratchy throat.
Honey: Bolsters immune system, soothes sore throat, has antibacterial properties.
Lemon: Loaded with vitamin C, decreases strength of cold or flu virus.

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