French roast – isn’t just for drinking anymore!

brown paintPaint your wall a frothy mocha or soothing green tea

By Lori Mork

Fench roast, espresso, green tea leaf, java, mocha, latte – sound good? These aren’t just some of your favorite drinks we’re talking about! They’re paint colors that will give a room a comfortable, relaxed feel.
Bringing these earthy, warm colors into a room can make your space inviting and soothing.
Dark, coffee-colored paints, such as Turkish Coffee, Barista or French Press can be paired with lighter warm earth tones, such as Creamy Mocha, Cappuccino White, Dunmore Cream and Jersey Cream.
Use the darker color to create a focal wall, then add a special piece of artwork or a photo for interest on that wall.
Warm earth tones, including bronze-like browns such as High Tea that have a red or gold undertone, give visitors a welcome feeling, so using them in rooms where you are the busiest or where you spend time socializing, such as the kitchen, living room or home office, is a great choice.
Natural beige walls give you a clean palate to work with, allowing you to customize your room with fabric, furniture and accessories to fit your style.
Neutral colors, such as Cream and White Chocolate, don’t have to be dull, and are actually good choices if you are planning to sell your home.
Realtors will tell you that these colors make online photographs pop, and new home buyers appreciate not having to spend additional money to fix up or paint over bright tones.
Cool earth tones, such as soft greens, tans or gray, including Tea Light and Green Tea Leaf, are more relaxing, so picking these colors for the bedroom and bathroom can have a spa-like effect.
Whether you’re looking for deep colors or soft neutrals, checking out your favorite hot beverage just might lead you to the perfect fit.

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