A prom away from prom

By Caroline Roers

Too young to go to prom? Or maybe you just don’t want to go this year?
Create a prom away from prom for you and your friends!

1. Come up with a snazzy prom theme. This could be anything from classic black tie to Hollywood glamour to Paris or the 1950s.

2. Pick a room in your house and decorate it. Move furniture out so there’s room to dance. Decorate with your theme in mind NOTE: Christmas lights are a great way to decorate and add ambiance. Have a CD player set up or someone’s iPod con- nected to speakers to provide music throughout the night. Set disposable cameras around for people to take pictures throughout the night.

3. Make a girls’ day out of it! Go shopping at secondhand stores with your girlfriends for dresses and then spend the day doing each other’s hair and makeup.

4. Get take-out delivered to your house for a fancy dinner and then dance the night away!

5. When the dancing shoes come off, put on your pajamas, pop in a movie and finish off the night.

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