Refresh with a carrot quencher

By Crystal Dey

This is not your garden-variety summer mocktail. It is, however, one you’ll relish after a day of gardening.
Carrots have evolved from a carotene-rich vegetable vittle on the dinner plate into an imbibable elixir in a glass. The taproot has antioxidant properties and is an excellent source of vitamin A, which benefits eyesight and skin renewal.
Coupled with orange and lime juice, the Carrot Quencher will refresh you after a hot summer day and recharge you for a splendid summer night.

Makes 9 drinks
Ice cubes and cracked ice
6 ounces carrot juice
6 ounces orange juice
3 ounces dry orange soda
2 limes, one for 3 ounces lime juice, one for garnish
9 small carrots with tops attached
36 ounces orange flavored seltzer water

Smash ice cubes inside a sandwich bag with hammer to create cracked ice.
Fill goblets halfway with cracked ice.
Squeeze the juice of one lime into cocktail shaker, add dry orange soda, carrot juice, orange juice and ice cubes.
Shake vigorously and strain evenly into glasses.
Top off drinks with seltzer water and garnish with lime slices and carrots.

Crystal Dey is a reporter for the Bemidji Pioneer. She enjoys converting cocktails to mocktails and concocting non-alcoholic drink recipes that people of all ages can savor.

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