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He sez…she sez: The Great Divide

He sez…she sez: The Great Divide

BrandonBy Brandon and Amy Chaffins

Brandon: I was wondering something the other day … Is it normal to part ways with your significant other to watch TV in separate rooms? This is something that we commonly do at our house.
Amy: It’s true. I choose to take myself to a TV elsewhere in the house when he flips on “This Old House,” people cage-fighting matches, or a guts-and-gore testosterone movie. When he flips among all three shows – well, that’s just super special.
Brandon: Amy and I have our own favorite shows. She’s more of the Hallmark Channel type and I’m into pretty much anything that has to do with sports and building stuff. I admit, I have tried to watch some of the shows that Amy is into – you know the “made for TV” movies. I can only watch so much of that guy from “Full House,” what’s his name? You know, it’s the guy with the perfect hair and he does those yogurt commercials …. ***Google searching “Full House” cast*** … Oh yeah, John Stamos. I mean, really?
amyAmy: (insert eye roll here)
Brandon: The other night we made a really good dinner – salmon burgers and Brussels sprouts. Yeah, I ate Brussels sprouts. OK, so we made the meal and we looked at each other… pause… it typically goes something like this:
Amy: “Are you going to eat downstairs?”
Brandon: “What do you want to watch?”
Amy:“Are you gonna watch guy stuff?”
Brandon: “Yup.”
Amy:“I will eat up here.”
Brandon: “Gonna watch the yogurt guy?”
Amy: “Yup.”
Brandon: “Ok. Love ya.
Bye.” And downstairs I go.
Amy: Are we the only couple that does this? Here’s my take on it – sometimes it’s really difficult to eat dinner while watching a war movie. It’s not easy sipping soup when one dude is punching another. I prefer not to gobble up salmon while learning how to install a faucet. I’d rather dig into a burger and watch a frilly romance. It’s easier to eat a salad while watching a funny film from the 1980s. And let’s face it, it’s much easier to enjoy a guilty-pleasure marathon of “The Real Housewives” without witty husband commentary from the other end of the couch. We do enjoy plenty of meals together and it’s not always in front of the TV.
Brandon: If we do end up agreeing on something to watch it’s usually something like “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” or “Hell’s Kitchen.” Hey, a random thought – do you think that counts as a dinner theater date? Man, I am getting refined!
Amy: No, my dear, eating dinner and watching TV while you wear your “Batman” pajama pants does NOT count as a dinner theater date. Just like going out for breakfast after church doesn’t count as a date either!
Brandon: Keep the faith, fellas!

Brandon and Amy Chaffins of Alexandria have been married 11 years – long enough to have learned to live with each other’s “quirks.”

He Sez She Sez

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