He Sez She Sez

He sez … she sez: “We do this with leftovers…”

He sez … she sez: “We do this with leftovers…”

AmyAndBrandon_cBy Brandon and Amy Chaffins

Amy: We both have jobs that allow us to stop home for our lunch break during the week. There’s usually just enough time to throw together a sandwich or heat up leftovers and ask each other, “How’s your day going?” We take the dog outside, gobble up our lunch, steal a smooch and away we go back to work. Here’s the catch – the first person home for lunch gets the good leftovers.

Brandon: For almost my entire career, I have not been able to regularly stop home for lunch. I got quite used to a brown bag lunch and the occasional restaurant visit with the fellas on shift. That changed a little over a year ago and I do really enjoy stopping home and seeing my lovely wife for a bit. You all know that leftovers taste better the next day for some reason. I think the flavors meld over time sort of like an aged piece of beef. Mmmmm … Beeeeeeeeffffffff …… sure ain’t a dang bean burger! Yeah, I’m still not over that one!
Amy: My favorite is leftover hotdish. When you’re in the midst of workday hubbub, there’s something blissfully comforting knowing there’s a warm bowl of leftover tuna noodle hotdish waiting to be devoured at home. In my opinion, hotdish makes everything better. However, that tasty dream can be instantly shattered when I get home, open the refrigerator door and … discover … the hotdish … is … gone!!!

Brandon: I would defend myself to say that my wife is a good cook. Nuff said. OK, oK, I do think it’s kinda funny to get the “What the heck?!” reaction when she realizes the planned meal is gonzo.

Amy: I know he secretly sits there, shovels in the hotdish and snickers like an evil cartoon character … because that’s exactly what I do when I get to the leftovers before he gets home for lunch.

Brandon: Yup, guilty. Waa-ah-ah-ah! (That’s my evil cartoon character laugh.)

Amy: Then there are the leftovers I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot-pole. I’ll leave them in there for days kind of hoping the funky food will jump into the trash on its own, but my husband feels obligated to eat whatever is in there … why is that? I’ve never had qualms about throwing away food – I know, shameful waste, but I just don’t have the “stomach of steel” that hubs has.

Brandon: As far as the stuff that sits in the fridge for a little while – if it doesn’t stink, it’s not fuzzy, if it’s not encased in slime (except for those of you brave souls that eat lutefisk, I always went for the mashed potato and meatball option), what the heck, I’ll eat it. I have also found that a quick rinse under the faucet can cure all sorts of food blemishes. Hmmm …. Still good to eat!

Amy: Why do we do this “steal each other’s” lunch thing? Are we the only ones? I adore this guy, but sometimes I can’t help myself from purposely taking his favorite treat! Is it revenge? Is it sinister? Is it flirtation? Am I a sicko? Regardless, it sure is fun … when I’m the one doing the lunch stealing.

Brandon: I would call it survival of the fittest or the circle of life. I wonder how things would be if we sang Hakuna Matata together sometime? Yeah, I would still eat the leftovers if I beat Amy to them. Waa-ah-ah-ah. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Keep the faith, fellas!

Brandon and Amy Chaffins of Alexandria have been married 11 years – long enough to have learned to live with each other’s “quirks.”

He Sez She Sez

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