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He sez … she sez: Opposites attract

He sez … she sez: Opposites attract


By Brandon and Amy Chaffins

AmyAndBrandon_cAmy: Opposites attract, right? It’s painfully true in our marriage. Brandon and I are extreme opposites. I’m an introvert, he’s an extrovert. I prefer a veggie sub sandwich, he prefers the carnivore’s special. I was nerdy and awkward in high school; he was the hunky athlete who made everyone laugh. Allow us to share a few other examples…


Brandon: It baffles my mind how much Amy can sleep. It’s nothing for her to sleep 10 hours and even take a nap the next day! Sheesh! I can blaze through the day on five hours of sleep with no nap. If I were to take a nap, I would be up all night.

Amy: Not only can he survive on a few hours of sleep but my husband can sleep anywhere, anytime. I’ve concluded that it’s the sweet, soothing sound of my voice – or a romance movie – that can knock him out instantly.


Amy: I’m usually a pessimist.

Brandon: Uff… no kidding. Her glass is half-empty for sure, whereas I am definitely a glass is half-full kind a guy. For example, the other day, I washed the outside of our big picture windows. They were spotless; I nearly used a half-bottle of glass cleaner and a whole roll of paper towels. Then, here comes my little dark-cloud petunia and I couldn’t help point out my handy work. You know what Amy said? “The windows are too clean and the poor birds are gonna fly into them now.” What a buzz kill!


Amy: When it comes to reading books, I enjoy non-fiction, meaningful, soul-searching, earth-connecting reads.

Brandon: I like lots of pictures.


Amy: I like neutral colors and I’m particular about things coordinating and matching. I love earth tones.

Brandon: Why oh why does EVERYTHING have to either match or color coordinate? I will never be an interior decorator, no doubt. Heck there’s even special pillows for all sorts of situations. Pillows are a whole other topic I could go into. Ask Amy how many pillows are on the guest bed.  I will give you a hint…. it rhymes with schmeventeen. I see nothing wrong with bright splashy colors when it comes to home decor either. Amy wins out even after I suggest…“try something with a little color.” It’s shades of browns and tans at my house.


Brandon: Working out has been a big part of my life for about 25 years. I still hit the gym three days a week. Whenever I try to get Amy to exercise, it’s like pulling teeth. Every single time after she’s done though she admits she feels good. See, I am right on occasion!!!

Amy: I hate exercise.

Brandon: Despite our differences, I really am fond of the gal. She’s the yin to my yang the chocolate to my vanilla, the sour to my sweet (I bet she would argue who is the sour and who is the sweet). At the end of the day, we take the half-full and half-empty glasses and pour them into the one glass… ah…. a full glass! There isn’t a thing that life brings our way that we can’t take care of together. After only 12 years of marriage, there certainly have been some wing-dingers; some not so serious and some quite life-changing. I think that without such an opposite influence in my life, I would probably still be wandering looking for “the one.”

Amy: Alright, Romeo, what did you buy? What do you want?

Brandon: There’s my glass half-empty gal!! Until next time fellas, keep the faith!

He Sez She Sez

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