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10 uses for old wood

10 uses for old wood

1. Coffee table
Use old wood, possibly from old buildings or pallets, to construct a coffee table. To make the table, the rustic and uneven pieces don’t even need to be exactly the same length.

2. Headboard
Using pallet slats with 2x4s and a little stain or varnish, you can create your own rustic headboard for your bed.



3. Walkway
Create a walkway in your garden by using pieces of old wood pallets. Make all pieces of wood approximately the same length then dig them into the soil until they are embedded firmly.

4. Weathered wood sign
Take apart a wood pallet, then rebuild it putting the slats closer together. Stencil lettering on with acrylic paint to create the wording you want on your sign. You can find plenty of inspiration online.

5. Planter box
Pieces of old pallets can be used to build a planter box. Cut pieces to the desired size, nailing them together to create the box with whatever detail you wish.

6. Coat Rack
An old door can serve as a coat rack. Just lean the door against a wall, attach some heavy duty hooks near the top. You can also use the door knob as another coat hook.

7. Bench
Use pallet pieces to make the top of the bench and sturdy wood for the legs.

8. Shelving
Single planks of wood can be used to make floating shelves on the wall, while larger pieces can be made into a bookcase. Thin pallet pieces can be used for a magazine rack or shadow box.

9. Paneling
Old narrow wood from pallets can be used as paneling to give a room unique décor. Start at the bottom of the wall and fit pieces together. Irregular lengths will give the wall eye appeal.

10. Trim Work
Old building materials or pallets can be used as trim work around doorways, windows, baseboards or crown moldings. Cut and fit the pieces as necessary. It will give the room a natural and simple style.

By Lori Mork

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