A Guyz Perspective

A Guyz Perspective: Welcome to Crazy Town

A Guyz Perspective: Welcome to Crazy Town

By Eric Morken

The text messages were coming in fast and furious after my wife, Mali, and I sent out a picture of the newest addition to our family on March 8.

Kyla came a couple weeks early but was healthy as could be at 7 pounds, 3 ounces. A couple hours after the delivery, I started to spread the news.

Eric_PajamaPicMost responses were pretty standard – some variation of, “Congratulations! She’s beautiful.”

My buddy, Blake, a father of two himself, added a little bit more detail.

“Second one is easier,” he texted. “I kid – welcome to crazy town.”

He was kind of right. The adjustment in going from one kid to two has been more hectic than going from zero to one.

Aubree, our 3-year-old, couldn’t stop talking about being a big sister before the baby came. She’s excited about Kyla. She loves holding her and talking to her, but she’s not so keen on sharing her mom. I’m not allowed to help her with many things, specifically when it’s Mali she wants to get the glass or brush her teeth.

There also seems to be a lot of angry 2 a.m. wakeups. Instead of sneaking in and lying down in our bed, there’s usually a production. I need water, but not that water. Aubree, shhhh, don’t wake up Kyla.

No, wait! Juice! I’d prefer juice. Well, we don’t have juice in the middle of the night. It causes cavities. Wrong answer!

You hear about the terrible 2s, but it’s year 3 that has arrived with a vengeance. In general, there seems to be a lot more loud noises.

It seems at times that Aubree has lost all meaning of the word “no.” But then she’ll lay her head on my shoulder five minutes later and tell me how much she loves me. She has a short memory, which is something I need to have some days.

Kyla is handling this all fairly well. She seems to have developed a knack for sleeping through the chaos.
Each day, she gets a little more bright eyed. She’s got her days and nights down pretty well, so we’re getting some sleep, too. Now we’re just waiting on her first smile, which should come soon.

A first smile, a head on your shoulder with an “I love you so much, Daddy.” Those always outweigh the chaos.

Eric Morken of Alexandria is a husband, father, sports editor and outdoor enthusiast.

A Guyz Perspective

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