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FINE! I Will Drink More Water!

FINE! I Will Drink More Water!

By Jeff Beach

When I heard that the theme for this issue of Chicz magazine was “water,” the first thing I thought of was a quote from W.C. Fields about water.

Unfortunately, that quote is not repeatable in a family publication.

But the gist of the quote is that Fields – a notorious drinker – wouldn’t drink water because of it’s less than pure natural state. There is some question as to whether the quote actually originated with him – but it fits his persona.

For you youngsters out there, W.C. Fields was a comedian and actor back in the first half of the 20th Century. In the latter part his career, he built his act on his reputation for being a heavy drinker.

This includes a radio sketch with W.C. being asked if it was true that he once drank a glass of water. He recalls crossing the Mojave Desert on Election Day, a day on which selling alcohol was outlawed. “That’s carrying democracy too far,” W.C. declares.

Now like W.C., I might prefer hard liquor over hard water, but the Jeff Beach Diet does encourage drinking plain unadulterated water.

One of my better habits is when I down a mug of water before I drink my first cup of coffee in the morning.
And I am good about rarely drinking soda. But I know I should drink more water throughout the day.

Water does have several admirable qualities.
• It’s my first remedy for headaches (not just the alcohol-induced kind).
• It helps keep things moving, you know, digestion wise.

I am pretty sure there was a third reason, maybe it will come to me … cut to sound of tap running, filling glass and glug, glug, glug drinking sound …

• Oh yeah, proper hydration is recommended for preventing memory loss.

So while there are other beverages I may prefer, and I will never bother actually keeping track, I will try to drink more water.

As W.C. would say, “May the state of Kentucky forgive me.”

Jeff Beach has spent a lifetime on the The Jeff Beach Diet and is still kickin’.

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