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Water: Drink to Your Health

Water: Drink to Your Health

By Dr. Pete Pfeffer

We are conceived in a fluid environment, our first nine months are spent there, yet upon entrance into this world we somehow seem to forget that. Our world is the only one of nine planets that has any water at all, in-fact earth’s combination of oxygen and hydrogen is necessary at some level for every form of life on our blue planet. The distinction is, we need water. The human body requires water not coffee, not tea, not Gatorade or sports drinks or energy drinks. Call me a purist, but there is no substitute for water. Every other liquid we consume must be processed to remove all the other non-water components. This act itself often requires, wait, what? Water! Some drinks are actually H20 negative, meaning they rob our cells of precious water in order to process and digest the drink.


As our body digests food and drink it is the job of the liver to “tag” or modify the digested components with hydrogen molecules making them water soluble. Once tagged these unused components can be sent through the kidneys then on to the bladder to be eliminated. The trick is the liver needs water to eliminate these materials, which if left to accumulate become toxic. A good target to help your body function normally and perform at its full potential is; take your weight, divide that number by two and consume that much water in ounces. The example, me, 170 pounds divided by two is 85 ounces or 5-6 of the 16 ounce water bottles you’d see at a store.

Now the question will arise what about coffee, or tea? With most drinks consumed a one to one ratio of the drink to water is a safe bet. That means I would need to drink my six bottles of water per day plus one more for each non-water drink. To be safe, I count my coffee or tea as a 1.5 to one because of the diuretic effects (water losing) of these two beverages. With alcoholic beverages, I would bump this up to a 2:1 ratio again due to the water stealing effects of alcohol.

You might have just counted up your water consumption and thought “good grief I am too low!”. Not to worry, just add water (pun intended).

Peter Pfeffer is a doctor of chiropractic with HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab in Alexandria.

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