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I Need Sleep!

I Need Sleep!

I admit it – I’m not a morning person, even at my age. If you want me to be at my best, then you need to wait until I’m fully awake and filled with coffee. I can go all night, but mornings? Not so much.

Lori Mork
Chicz editor

I also struggle with insomnia at times. You know what I’m talking about. The frustration of lying there with a million things going around in your head and no control to stop them. Sometimes I feel like a chicken on a rotisserie, rolling around and around, watching the clock. It’s no wonder I have a hard time waking up rested in the morning.

That’s why I’m so excited about this issue of Chicz! We’ve worked hard to compile some great information on sleep – techniques for getting a better night’s rest, meditation for sleep, the safety issues involved with the lack of sleep and so much more. Our Real Chicz of Douglas County article is full of information about sleep studies and the woman who can help you.

There are also a few lighter reads about sleep, including the Jeff Beach Diet’s hot brandy and a little financial advise on how not to sleep on your finances.

We didn’t forget about the holidays either as Al Edenloff’s wine column lets you know what wines will pair with Peeps, April Fool’s pranks to play, some bunny food for Easter breakfast and information on a little-known holiday – International Tatting Day.

Along with A Guyz Perspective, As Seen on TV, Six Steps to Better Photos in 2017, Great Reads and 10 Uses For, there’s sure to be something you will love!

Lori Mork, Chicz editor

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