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When Life Gives You Lemons, Learn to Make Hot Brandy

When Life Gives You Lemons, Learn to Make Hot Brandy

By Jeff Beach

My mom’s cooking was not fancy. She had too many mouths to feed for that.

Mom and Dad raised 10 kids on the farm in the Red River Valley of North Dakota, so there was not a lot of time or money for fancy.

And you weren’t going to find fennel or arugula at the local grocery store back in those days.

You probably couldn’t even get fresh lemons in our small town when I was growing up. You had to settle for lemon juice that you squirt out of plastic lemon.

But on the farm, you learned to make do.

So if life gives you plastic lemons, you learned to make a hot brandy.

I remember mom making a hot brandy when she would have a cold or a sore throat, but later in life, a hot brandy became more a part of her routine to help ensure a good night’s sleep.

So the Jeff Beach Diet is taking a page out of the Lorraine Beach Diet for a warm, relaxing drink to enjoy before bedtime.

My mom’s recipe was pretty simple: Hot water, lemon juice, some honey and brandy. Simple but satisfying, like most of my mother’s cooking.

I added my own variation for when life gives you an orange that you should have eaten by now but didn’t and now it’s a little bit too hard but you hate to throw away what once was a perfectly good piece of fruit.

Between the warm, soothing drink and knowing that you didn’t let a perfectly good piece of fruit go to waste, you will sleep like college student at the end of finals week.

Lorraine’s Hot Brandy
2 oz. brandy
1 cup hot water
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 Tbsp. honey

Jeff’s Hot Brandy
1 orange (it’s OK if it is a little old and hard)
2 oz. brandy
2 cups water
1 pinch of cloves

Cut orange in half and boil 10 minutes or so in two cups of water. Pour 1 cup of water into mug with brandy and add pinch of cloves.

Jeff Beach has spent a lifetime on the The Jeff Beach Diet and is still kickin’.

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