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Work together to pursue your passions

By Eric Morken I saw the theme of this month’s Chicz magazine and could only smile. Every issue, we get an email intended to help us think of topics we can write about. This month’s theme? “Me time.” Every parent … Continue reading

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He sez…she sez: Why do we have “special” towels?

By Brandon and Amy Chaffins Brandon: I never really paid much attention to this before, but I recently noticed that there are “special” towels at our house when we have company. These towels are of a different color than any … Continue reading

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The cat lady

Boe gives time, attention and love to all furry felines By Tara Bitzan Bonnie Boe of Alexandria loves cats. While she loves them enough to have many of them at her own home, she knows that’s not a good idea. So, she … Continue reading

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5 minute yoga

By Alyssa Stern Staying active each day will help keep you more relaxed and focused. Doing a quick morning yoga series will get you moving in the right direction. Try these quick five moves: Standing backbend and side stretches Inhale … Continue reading

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Mommy & me crafts

By Melanie Danner PET ANIMAL ROCKS Supplies: Rocks Washable tempera paint Paintbrush Directions 1. Decorate each rock with paint and let dry Crab Sandwiches Supplies: Croissants Tuna or chicken salad Toothpicks Googly eyes Glue Directions 1. Glue eyes to toothpicks 2. Spread salad onto croissants … Continue reading

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5 minute mommy time-outs

By Alyssa Stern We all have five minutes in our busy lives to take for ourselves. The important thing is to remember to take the five minutes and do something for us, because we mamas deserve it. 1. Essential oil … Continue reading

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10 benefits of reading

By Lori Mork As a voracious reader, I know the positive effect that getting lost in a good novel can bring. Here are 10 reasons why you should grab a book and dive in: Works your memory. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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Sleep your way to better health

By Carly Erickson, ND, SMS Sleep your way to better health! Sound too good to be true? Sleep plays an important role in your mental and physical health. Sleep helps your brain form new pathways for learning and remembering information. … Continue reading

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Fall 2014 fashion trends

By Karla Mikkelson Wrap Coats. Face it, it’s Minnesota. When both warm and trendy are in? Can’t beat that. Matchy matchy sets. I know, I know, we used to avoid this. You’ll start to see it now. Leopard print. It’s … Continue reading

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15 minutes a day to a stress-free, healthier you!

By Kristen Haabala Wiener Stress is a natural part of life, but when it becomes too much, it can affect your health. In fact, chronic stress can trigger serious illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and even cancer! Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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