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Explore the magical world of fairy gardening

By Lori Schultz A fairy garden is a miniature garden complete with structures and actual living plants. A small-scale version of your yard, but with much less weeding! The art and creativity of fairy gardens originated in Japan and debuted … Continue reading

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Creative ideas for the yard

By Lori Mork With the beautiful spring weather around us and the promise of the summer lying ahead, backyards will become a favorite place to spend time. Here are a few ideas to make your backyard safer and more inviting: … Continue reading

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Farmers Markets: Why buying local is good for your wallet and your health

By Carly Erickson Summer is right around the corner and that means a plethora of fresh produce and products will become available at our local farmers markets. Alexandria is lucky enough to have an online farmers’ market that runs year … Continue reading

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Mommy and me crafts

By Melanie Danner Cookie Sheet Travel Tray (Pinterest) Supplies: 9 x 13 cookie sheet Spray paint Directions: 1. Spray paint cookie sheet with a fun color and let dry. Optional ideas: Attach to car seat with Velcro strips or create … Continue reading

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Family fitness ideas

By Amy Reineke We know that exercise is important, it helps people lose weight. Exercise can also decrease a person’s risk of developing certain diseases, including type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Making family activities and fitness part of your … Continue reading

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Pinterest inspired!

By Lori Mork The fastest-growing standalone website in history, Pinterest, is a virtual scrapbook that allows people to keep “boards” of their favorite ideas through photographs linked to websites on which the ideas were found. This is one example: I’m a … Continue reading

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Food and family: Two peas in a pod

By Sylvia Luetmer We live in the “bread basket,” a fertile and fruitful landscape where our families can grow healthy and strong. Every day when we gather around the table, food draws us together in the tradition of our regional … Continue reading

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He sez…she sez: The Great Divide

By Brandon and Amy Chaffins Brandon: I was wondering something the other day … Is it normal to part ways with your significant other to watch TV in separate rooms? This is something that we commonly do at our house. … Continue reading

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Single chic: Facing the wedding chapel solo

By Annie Harman Let’s paint a picture: You drag yourself home way too late after a long, stressful day at work. All you can envision is the last of your remaining frozen dinners stuffed at the back of your freezer … Continue reading

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Real chicz of Douglas County: Surrounded by family

Modern day ‘pastor’s wife’ embraces women’s changing identities within the church By Tara Bitzan Katie Dahl of Alexandria is the first to admit that the lifestyle of pastors’ wives in days of old wasn’t at all appealing to her. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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