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Digestive health 101

By Amanda Heffner, RDN, LD It has long been known that microorganisms in the GI tract play an important role in keeping our bodies and immune systems healthy. Recent research has found that those microorganisms may play a role in … Continue reading

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Nutritional supplements: Worth your money?

By Carly Erickson, ND, MSM Nearly half of all Americans take a daily vitamin and the supplement industry stands to make $30 billion in revenue this year but are your supplements worth the money? Here are a few things to … Continue reading

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Spring allergies: Just around the corner

By Jessica Peterson The thought of spring for most people means pleasant thoughts of green grass, flower buds, blooming trees, and my personal favorite, the smell of lilac. But if you’re one of the millions of people in the U.S. who … Continue reading

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Tackling retirement plans as young couples

By Eric Morken I live in a marriage where my wife handles almost all of our bill-paying responsibilities. She’s the organized one. I think it provides a sense of comfort for her to take care of all the financial requirements. … Continue reading

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Wine on a budget

What’s worth it, what’s not. By Al Edenloff Enjoying wine at home doesn’t have to be an elaborately expensive affair. Sure, you can easily spend $100 on a heavily touted bottle, drink from the finest cut crystal stemware and use … Continue reading

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Longer days mean outdoor exercise

By Dr. Pete Pfeffer The days are getting longer, and it’s warm enough to be outside. If you (like me) didn’t get away south this winter, it is time to find a cure for those pent up feelings of “cabin … Continue reading

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Chickens: Pets, food or both?

By Dr. Florian Ledermann One interesting phenomena in American society is the explosion of the backyard chicken industry. This “Back to the Farm” movement is probably a reflection of our desire to reconnect to our basic roots of rural living … Continue reading

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Different ways to dye eggs

By Lori Mork Dyeing Easter eggs is a tradition for many families. Here’s a few ways to give them a new look. Two tone. Dip top half of hard-cooked egg in one color and the bottom half in another. Or, … Continue reading

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Sold on celery

By Crystal Dey Springtime brings images of fresh green buds sprinkled on tree branches as Mother Earth awakens anew. We drift away from the winter woes and closer to longer, sunnier days. The Celery Celebration has arrived just in time … Continue reading

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As seen on TV: Air-O-Swiss personal humidifer

By Jamie Kakach Product: Air-O-Swiss personal humidifier Claim: Small and Portable Humidifier Grade: A+ Review: Are you looking for a small but effective humidifier? Look no further! The Air-O-Swiss personal humidifier is everything you are looking for. Not only is it small … Continue reading

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