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    5 money tipz for women of all ages

    1. Learn to be financially independent. Don’t rely on someone else – a spouse, parent, child. Educate yourself about money management. Many community education programs offer classes on various money topics, and there are professionals available to help you. 2. Be involved in the day-to-day management of your household finances. Even if...

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    Horoscope Fall 2012

    ARIES — Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, relaxing for a few days seems like the perfect idea, but restlessness will ultimately thwart these plans. Engage in low-energy activities, instead. TAURUS — Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, you might find it difficult to ask for what you desire, but you have to make a stand. It may not be...

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    Autumn bulbs bring spring color

    If you’re looking for a great pop of color in your garden next spring, take a few minutes to plant some bulbs this fall. Bulbs should be planted when the weather turns cool and nights reach 40 to 50 degrees. Loosen the soil and add peat moss or other organic matter if...

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    Accessorize with… your nails!

    By Jessica Sly A canvas is to an artist like fingernails are to… well, anyone! Of all...

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    It’s PUMPKIN season!

    By Lori Mork You’ve noticed them – wood smoke lingering in the air, fresh pine, crisp breezes, warm apple cider and cinnamon – the wonderful smells of fall. Probably one of the most enticing aromas is the smell of pumpkin as ovens heat up and pies, breads and cookies emerge. Here are...

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    Go ahead… be selfish!

    Caring for children, no matter their age, can be stressful at times, and physically and emotionally draining. Whether you pursue a career in addition to “momdom,” or you are a dedicated stay-at-home mom, it’s important to take a few minutes to remind yourself that you’re an individual. Your kids are important, and...

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    10+ new ways to wear your scarf!

    By Shelly Beaulieu and Karla Mikkelson Everybody has a favorite scarf. But do you know how versatile it is? Not only can you tie it in several ways, but you can also pair it with anything in your closet. This fall, wear it with your favorite jean jacket or spice up your...

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    Welcome to Chicz!

    Are you a busy woman? Or maybe I should ask: Do you know a woman who isn’t busy? The fast pace of today’s lifestyle has women of all ages overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities to the point that it is taking its toll on their physical and emotional health. Researchers have...

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