• Food & Drink
    Make meals fun

    By Amanda Heffner Over the past 40 years, Americans have become more and more accustomed to eating foods prepared away from home. The troubling reality is that foods made away from home are often poor in diet quality and much higher in calories when compared to foods prepared at home. In fact,...

  • Personal Finance
    Save for retirement

    By Jennifer Guderjahn Nearly everyone looks forward to someday beginning a life of leisure and pleasure in retirement. But a survey found that more than one-third of working adults have saved nothing for that time in their lives. Furthermore, only 18 percent of U.S. workers in an Employee Benefit Research Institute...

  • Health & Fitness
    Digestive health 101

    By Amanda Heffner, RDN, LD It has long been known that microorganisms in the GI tract play an important role in keeping our bodies and immune systems healthy. Recent research has found that those microorganisms may play a role in obesity and metabolic health too. In fact, there are over 100 trillion...

  • Personal Finance
    Wine on a budget

    What’s worth it, what’s not. By Al Edenloff Enjoying wine at home doesn’t have to be an elaborately expensive affair. Sure, you can easily spend $100 on a heavily touted bottle, drink from the finest cut crystal stemware and use all kinds of spendy gadgets that are designed to enhance your wine...

  • Pets
    Chickens: Pets, food or both?

    By Dr. Florian Ledermann One interesting phenomena in American society is the explosion of the backyard chicken industry. This “Back to the Farm” movement is probably a reflection of our desire to reconnect to our basic roots of rural living from centuries past? Are there chickens in your future? Here are some...

  • Food & Drink
    Sold on celery

    By Crystal Dey Springtime brings images of fresh green buds sprinkled on tree branches as Mother Earth awakens anew. We drift away from the winter woes and closer to longer, sunnier days. The Celery Celebration has arrived just in time to jazz up your juice and get you into the garden groove....

  • Hobbies & Interests
    Creative Easter egg hunts

    By Lori Mork FIND YOUR NAME HUNT: Before the hunt begins, write each person’s name on one egg. The person who finds the egg with their name on it first wins a special prize. COLOR-CODED HUNT: Give each child a special color for the egg hunt. They are only allowed to collect...

  • Personal Finance
    Single Chicz: Living paycheck by paycheck

    By Annie Harman When you’re about to graduate high school, the only thing you see on your horizon is the shiny lure that is college. It delectably dangles in front of you dreams of independence. Then college comes to an end and the only thing you’re looking at is the deep, dark...

  • Hobbies & Interests
    Mommy and me crafts

    By Melanie Danner Cotton Bunny Photo Frame (Pinterest) Materials Paper or cardboard White and pink construction paper Cotton balls A cute picture of your dumpling! Pink tempera paint Scissors Glue Pen or pencil 1. Draw a bunny on paper or cardboard and cut out. 2. Cut out face from photo and two...

  • Personal Finance
    Creating a will: Gift preparation and peace of mind

    By Andrew C. Wiener Saving for retirement, owning your home, planning for your children’s education, purchasing that dream cabin on the lake – these are the topics that people discuss with friends, family, and financial advisers. Too often these discussions ignore an important question: What happens to it all when you die?...

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