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    Safety leave offers help to abuse victims

    By Tom Jacobson For victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking, seeking help is sometimes the...

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    Born into a life of public service

    Swanson’s goal is to keep people safe By Tara Bitzan Becky Swanson of Alexandria said public service...

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    Mimosa Mocktail

    By Lori Mork Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to start her day than with a special drink for her breakfast? Mimosas have long been a part of special celebrations, such as weddings and morning brunches, so this is the perfect start to her day, and making...

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    Make meals fun

    By Amanda Heffner Over the past 40 years, Americans have become more and more accustomed to eating foods prepared away from home. The troubling reality is that foods made away from home are often poor in diet quality and much higher in calories when compared to foods prepared at home. In fact,...

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    Homemade coffee creamer

    By Lori Mork If you enjoy flavored creamers in your coffee each morning, then these recipes are for you! Make your own and try a variety without having to purchase big bottles of each one. Each creamer begins with this base. Base: 14 ounces Sweetened Condensed Milk 1-3/4 Cup Milk or Cream...

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    The family file

    By Karla Mikkelson Even after you pay your bills and clean up clutter on your kitchen counter, there always seems to be extra paper in the house. I love in-baskets for each family member, but as those in-baskets fill, and papers needing immediate attention have been attended to, what are we to...

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    Top off your outfit!

    By Jessica Sly Hats are a great accessory to “top” off an outfit. You can really get a-“head” of the summer fashion by decking out your noggin. So get ready to “cap” off the spring with some head-stylin’ ideas! SWEET ‘N’ STRAW Straw sun hats are a summer staple, perfect for just...

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    Keep summer fashion fun but fitting when at work

    By Elaine Munn Summertime dressing is easy. In warm weather, all you really need is a tank top, shorts and flip-flops, right? Living in a vacation area, it is tempting to dress for work ready to hit the beach or golf course afterward, but unless you’re a lifeguard or golf pro, it’s...

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    One timeless denim jacket

    By Shelly Beaulieu and Karla Mikkelson This timeless little beauty, when done right, can be worn with everything from jeans, to dress pants, to a summer maxi dress. Imagine it with some warm tan or gray tweed dress pants for the office. Imagine itwith a pair of black or white jeans. Imagine...

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    Make Your Cake And Eat It Too

    Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a homemade cake custom-made to celebrate the individual! DEEP DISH PIZZA CAKE: Bake cake in a 10″ round pan as directed. Cool. Remove from pan. Slice off top so cake is even. Add red and brown food coloring to white frosting (pizza sauce). Frost the cake, leaving some edges not frosted...

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